The Golden Age B


Lining is golden silk and it shows aristocratic. Golden embroidery is handmade, like the sunshine, beautiful and vivacious. Both Yun Xiang Yarn and golden embroidery bring this dress luxuriant and elegant.



The idea of the Golden age collection was aroused by a heart-melting sunrise in Nice. The designer was travelling in southern France, and she stayed in a house in a mountain valley. One day, when she opened the window, she was stunned by a beautiful sunrise that gilded everything in front of her eyes. The early sun shone serenely on the mountains and green fields. The gentle breeze brought in the sweetness of a spring day. Two teenager girls ran into the garden and they broke the silence with their merry and ringing laughter. It felt that everything was new, and everything was possible. What if we stay young forever? We are all but kids at heart aren’t we? The designer asked herself at that moment and this moment inspired her to create this collection. We believe that, deep inside, we are always that teenager girl who is happy, brave, and never feeling tired of pursuing, pursuing for love, freedom and dreams. We want to protect that little girl in us. We want to protect her from all the stains, sorrows, and disturbs in life. We want her to always be her, the cheerful and youthful. The collection wants to bring this spirit to every girl and to escort her with courage and strength.

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The Golden Age C
The Golden Age C
Royal green makes this dress characteristic. Its design inspiration comes from a French girl. When designer met this blushing girl on a flight. Actually there is a young and shy girl in every girl’s heart, pure and beautiful. The design of a heart behind the dress is a representative of a romantic girl’s childlike heart.
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The Golden Age A
The Golden Age A
This dress is like a born beauty. Its sky-blue satin fabric means the sky, and the golden Yarn means bright sunshine. The wonderful design makes this dress perfectly show a girl’s wisdom and charm. The golden embroidery is hand make and it makes this dress become demure . The heart design also makes this dress become clever and lovely.
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