Glamour collection A


Italian sequins, the round neckline design, embroidery of the sleeve, and fishtail skirt are elegant and precious.



The Caribbean Collection was inspired by a dance in the moonlight. In a tiny and crowded seaside bar, the designer fell in love with a pirate who had clear blue eyes. Bathed in the music and soaked in love, she snuggled up against his shoulder, and he held her hands. They whispered and kissed. They danced and danced. The moment was magic. It felt like the time stayed still and the world around them was faded. After the dance, they strolled along the moonlit beach. The moon was high and magnificent. The moonlight was flowing quietly on the deep blue Caribbean sea. It was fascinating and dazzling. When they said farewell to each other, the pirate gave the designer a white feather as the pledge of their love. The collection was created in memory of this beautiful story. At the same time, we wanted to portray a kind of love, which felt as dazzling as the moonlight and as deep as the Caribbean sea. It reaches our soul and stays forever in our memory.

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The Caribbean Collection A
The Caribbean Collection A
We choose the latest Korean fabric, and it can remember your size. Heart-shaped and strapless design revealed women with sexy and sweet. White Yun Xiang Yarn will make you feel that you were wearing the moonlight. Costly Swarovski crystal will shone like the light of the water in your shoulder, and make you become the moon fairy, dance in the Caribbean sea.
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