Ruby Fang (方丽华)

CEO and chief design director

Graduated from a master of laws from Georgetown University and the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Ruby Fang was a registered lawyer both in China and United States. In 2013, she strengthened her business skills by taking the MBA courses in Harvard University. Born with an eye for beauty and design, Ruby gained professional fashion design training in the Hong Kong University, and was a make up artist certificated by the London International Specialist Examination Board. Travelling around 27 countries, Ruby Fang was inspired by a diverse culture exposure and formed her distinctive fashion style and taste. She was invited to the New York and Paris fashion weeks for several times, and was followed by the photographers from leading fashion magazines wherever she went. By creating her own label, Ruby is aiming to create a whole new world of fashion style. Ruby Fang is fluent in English, Mandrin, Cantonese, and communicable French.


Caroline BMY

CPO and Brand International Promoter

Graduated with a Master of Laws from la Sorbonne in Paris and from Georgetown University in Washington D.C., Caroline first worked in the legal practice within major business law firms in Paris before entering into the fashion industry to work for a fashion magazine in New York. As a fashion lover, she has regularly attended fashion events and shows in Europe and in the United States. She also wrote fashion articles for Ruevenue magazine. She recently took part of a mobile application project consisting in virtually advising women on what to wear and how to combine outfits. She is fluent in French and English, and also has working knowledge of Spanish.


Wendy Cheng (程雯雯)

Chief of brand strategy

Graduated from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Wendy studied and worked in HK, United States and France. Travelled in more than 10 countries, she had a rich international exposure. Working as a Strategic Planner in Ogilvy & Mather Hong Kong, Wendy developed branding strategies for more than 30 international brands in various industries based in Mainland China, HK, Macau, United States, Australia and Europe. Having worked with world-class luxury brands, Wendy now is applying that expertise into the building of Ruby Fang brand.



Designer London

Graduated from London College of Fashion costume design major, Dolly studied under the renowned fashion design illustrator John Booth. Selected from more than 100 works designed by 60 designers, Dolly won the third prize during EC fashion Show of LCF. Dolly’s work is unique and magnificent. She is good at creating rich layers from innovative fabrics and delivers a cutting edge style.


Seventeen Sun (孙一丹)

Designer Hong Kong

Seventeen Sun, graduated from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University with her Master’s degree in Fashion Design with credit. With talent and diligence, her designs are full of her own thoughts. One of the finalists among 25 candidates of PolyU’s graduation fashion show which showcase during Hong Kong fashion week. Invited by Foshan government to hold a high-end denim-focus fashion show cooperated with another New York fashion designer during Shanghai fashion week. She is skilled in unisex style.


Lisa Huang (黄丽珊)

Designer Paris

Served as the committee of Designers Association of Guangdong Province, Lisa Huang is a seasoned designer who had been working in the fashion industry for over 10 years. Lisa was graduated from the Beijing Institute of Clothing, Fashion Design and Engineering major. She also received a master degree from Paris Fashion Institute (MOD’ART INTERNATIONAL) Brand Management Major, where she studied closely with Olivier Roux, a world-class fashion master who worked for Dior, Smalto and Morgan. In September 2009, she was awarded one of the “Guangdong top ten fashion designers” and “Best Women’s Design Award”. She led the overall design and branding of the French brand “REVES”.


Annie Ke (柯安妮)

Designer London

Annie Ke is an independent artist who has her own studio. Growing up in an artists’ family, Annie studied painting from a young age and had a passion for all kinds of art forms especially Modern Art and Fine Art. With a concentration in Graphic design, Annie was graduated from WuYi University in China and gained her master degree from BAID Birmingham City University. During her master study, Annie studied under renowned artist Aftab Gharda who has received numerous prestigious awards from RSA, D&AD, Creative Design, Agfa, and Royal Television Society, Wrangler,Newspaper Society,Arjo Wrangler and etc.

Annie is now living in UK where she could be inspired by the rich culture and art atmosphere. Her works include illustrations, watercolor and acrylic painting, which express her distinctive style.


Zhihan Zeng (曾知寒)

Photographer London/ Chief Photographer

Graduated from the Camberbwell College of Arts, University of the Arts London and majored at art photography, ZHIHAN ZENG holds a bachelor’s degree of communication of Shenzhen University in China and is a promising young photographer active in both London and Guangzhou. In 2013, she had her solo photography show in Kuanyun Gallery in Chengdu and synchronously published the works on show in certain magazine. Besides, she also has parcipated in related group show many times during her stay in London, and the works on show also had been published in certain magazine in the form of photo story. She is good at story and emotion narration via lens. She believes that her works are fruits created jointly with and through in-depth communication with the subjects, and a process of that they understand each other and she taps authentic self. Photography is a way for her to view and interact with the world, and is a tool for her to express her mind and create nicety.


Viola Qiu (邱扬梓)

Photographer Hong Kong

Viola is a female photographer who specialized in portrait photography and contemporary landscape. Trained by professional photographer and inspired by the Zen of photography. Viola is very good at capturing the delicate emotions of the model. Sourcing her inspirations from music, dancing, and painting, Viola has created her own photography philosophy.