Media Reports

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Since its founding, Ruby Fang has attracted a lot of media attention. The founder Ruby Fang received the Prime Award for Outstanding Business Leader 2014 by Metrohk, one of the most reputable and widely distributed newspapers in HK. Ruby will be granted the award by the director of Hong Kong educational bureau on January 30th 2015 during the ceremony.


At the same time, Ruby Fang endorsed one of the socialites in participating the Shanghai International Debutante Ball, one of the most prestige and glamorous events for the high-society in China.


As one of the up-and-coming Haute Couture brands from China, Ruby Fang was invited to participate the New York fashion week in 2015. Renowned fashion magazines, such as VOGUE, ELLE, and COSOMO will report the event with extensive media coverage. International newspapers, fashion magazines and online media will also report the event ,including Lucky Magazine, Alpha Fashion Magazine, Huffington Post, LIB Magazine, JUTE Fashion Magazine, Dark Beauty Magazine, Phoenix TV,, and etc.