RubyFang F/W 2019 Paris Fashion Week Show

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RubyFang brought fashion and dreams to the fashion capital of Paris

From New York to Paris, 7,000km, with faith and hope.

RubyFang on the last day of February,

next to the Arc de Triomphe.,

launched the RubyFang F/W 2019 Paris Fashion Week Show.

The theme of the show is #Dream Catcher#

Is a collection that every girl who’s looking for French romance has,

To capture beautiful dreams,

And leave all the beautiful dreams, And dream through the crystal circle,

Down the soft feathers,

And nightmares are trapped in dreams,

And vanished with the light of the next day,

This is the mysterious magic of the dream catcher.

Designers favor feathers and elements of traditional Chinese embroidery

This Chinese and Western style is also beautifully integrated in the hands of designer Miss Ruby.

Soft gauze and floating feathers,

The waving tassels and elaborate phoenix embroidery are impressive,

Beautiful and magnificent fashion visual feast whirling pace into the dream belonging to the queen.





Miss Ruby is constantly busy in the background

This time, the design was inspired by an Indian dream catcher

Surprise is a dream catcher

Quite show mysterious and atmospheric silk

With the traditional fine embroidery work

It was as if an angel in fairyland came slowly

Shows out in the crowd in a neat red dress

Long body Yuli, both inside and outside reveal a high-level aesthetic feeling.



We believe that nothing in the world is better than a wonderful girl.

In her world, intelligence is sexy, toughness can be beautiful,

Turning away is also a kind of grace.

So we’re not just designing a dress,

It was the cloak of a girl’s dream, the armor of her faith.

We invite designers from top fashion schools around the world,

Carefully create the attitude of every guest blooming.

The sheen of the cloth set off the glow of her cheeks,

The arc of the neckline foils her upturned mouth and the beads of the skirt

As bright as her eyes,

Embroidery technique of Chinese and Western combined wall added a unique charm to her beauty.