Ruby Fang brilliant debut 2017 The Belt and Road International Fashion Week

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In line with the joint construction of the “Belt and Road Initiative”, the “One Belt, One Road” International Fashion Week in 2017 kicked off in Yangcheng and Guangzhou under the background of global economic integration and diversified fashion. The “One Belt, One Road” International Fashion Week is sponsored by the China International Cultural Communication Center. This is a national fashion interactive project. International Fashion Week will promote the new era of China Fashion Week, lead the new trend of the national fashion clothing industry, and create a new fashion show along the “Belt and Road”. platform.

The big coffee show at the Weekend Fashion Week brings together many famous entertainment stars. More than 30 large-scale coffee guests including Zheng Haonan, Hong Tianming, Guo Shaojun, Yao Jiani, Qi Jie (Shui Mu Nianhua) and Wang Dong were invited to participate in the event

The sixth from the left is the famous Hong Kong actress named  “98年危险龙战”,“我与僵尸3有约会”,“刀马旦” and many other fampus actors in Hong Kong

Famous actor in Hong Kong, Mr. Hong Tianming

famous actress in Hong Kong Ms. Guo Shaojun

a famous actress in Hong Kong, Yao Jiani

the famous male singer of China, Suimu Nianhua Jiejie Sang as arepresentative of the night. 


Ruby Fang was invited to participate in the event. The gorgeous first show fashion week showed a romantic and advanced custom fashion show. Miss Ruby also won the 2017 Best Hight Fashion Designer Award and won the 2017 ‘One belt Road’ Fashion Week. 


we have always hoped that we are not only to design custom outfits but also to design a girls dream, coat, faith and armous. Each Ruby Fang dress has been carefully designed to create a beautiful look with a touch of craftmaship.


Fang Zufang believes that ecery girl has the right to her own legend, we look forward to this dress to bring you unlimited suprises and possibilities. This may be a beautiful encounter, a short lived oppurtunity, a loud voice.