“I want to live a life I will remember.”

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Hong Kong, China

Every year, the metropolis of Hong Kong presents an award to its 10 most outstanding young people. In 2016, this award went to Ruby Fang – fashion designer, entrepreneur and always herself. Who is this young woman who says that she simply does what she likes and sees this as the key to her success?


“Do what you like. And there will always be people who like it.”


One step ahead

We accompany Ruby Fang through her city and get to know a world that regards fashion and design as an expression of your own personality. Power, strength, self-confidence – the very essence of the philosophy of the new Porsche Panamera Sport Turismo.
Ruby Fang is not bothered with things she doesn’t like. She regards the things she doesn’t like as a waste of time. She lives a fast life, in an industry that changes by the hour – and she enjoys every minute of it. She is a fashion designer and has her own label. A dream she has followed unconditionally since she was a child. She never doubted for a second that her brand would be successful. For her, fashion means freedom, beauty and comfort. Her self-confidence defines her work, her design and everything she does. She has taste and she thinks it’s great to discover new styles and variations.

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She doesn’t wait for a trend to just fall into her lap. She goes off and creates it. What’s special is that each item of her clothing is tailor-made, and is therefore one of a kind and as unique as the wearer. That makes her an inspiration for her fans. “A development is currently taking place in China. Women want to make their presence felt, show their personality. Show their individuality.” That’s why her work is so important for her. Her ambition is to reach the point where you discover your true self.
Standstill is an alien concept in Ruby Fang’s world. She knows what she wants, and she knows who she is. She does her own thing and this makes her one of those people for whom we build the Panamera Sport Turismo. For those who get started. Preferably straight away.


Curious about uncharted territory

Hong Kong is her city and is perfect for her. She lives here, she satisfies her curiosity here, she gathers her inspiration here. “Simply everything is here”, raves Ruby. “An infinite number of brands. Great food. Great bars, artists, styles. The city is exciting and practical at the same time.” She studied in various places including New York and travels all over the world, America, Europe. She takes all her impressions back home with her. To Hong Kong, where Western influences merge with Chinese styles – in harmony, as she points out. It’s the same with her design – she combines and experiments, plays with the most varied elements. She doesn’t want to change. Standing out from the crowd – that suits her much better. “My style is no style”, she laughs. She doesn’t want to limit herself to one line, but wants to try everything. Free from constraints. “I love designing a trend that belongs to me. Where I try to be as creative as possible. I love playing with colors. With patterns.” This allows her to continually discover new forms of expression.8 9 10

“My teacher taught me that everyone has their own style.But you only find it if you know yourself.”



As a designer, it is not up to Ruby Fang to tell her customers what they can and cannot wear. “I don’t want to dictate anything. My clothes should suit the woman, not the other way around.” Apart from her fashion lines, which she creates freely using her own ideas, she attaches great importance to tailor-made clothes – each item is one of a kind and adapted perfectly to suit the customer. She loves finding out who she is dealing with and uses this knowledge as a starting point for her work. The designer believes that every person in the world is an individual. “Many young women come to me looking for a style. When I ask them what they like, they don’t know. I believe that as a person, you must know what you like and what you don’t like. Everyone is unique – and when you have found your own style, you know that too.” Self-discovery is her mission. “Because only then do you really know yourself. It makes people happy to be reminded how unique they are.” She wants to bring about this happiness. Every woman should know how special she is. “I want to inspire people to live their life to the extreme. Achieve legendary status. Show exactly who they are.”
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In true style

The growing awareness of fashion as a means of self-fulfillment is creating a large market. But it’s a tough business: the big fashion labels control the market because they are known. This is why we have brought Ruby Fang and the new Panamera Sport Turismo together: her courage is what drives her. She accepts the challenges confidently and efficiently – and does not hesitate for one second to show exactly who she is. She also has excellent selling points, like her own brand, the fans and the success she enjoys. “I believe we must concentrate on what we want. And who we are. Then we will always have fans who understand our idea and follow us. Because they love our style.
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It takes a long time, and it is not easy. At the end of the day, you will only be successful by remaining true to yourself.” She also sees these traits in the Panamera Sport Turismo. A Porsche that breaks new ground because it sees this as its destiny. And concentrates only on its own essence – be it performance or design. Its task is to be there for those who want exactly the same thing.


The continuous, almost racing transformation of the fashion industry is just perfect for a woman like Ruby Fang, who throws herself into the middle of it and is always looking for something new. She needs the experience, craves the ongoing journey of discovery. “I am ready to devote my whole life to this career.” But she admits that sometimes it is quite frustrating. Particularly when aspects that are important to her are ignored. “People only look for the style. Because everything comes and goes so quickly. But they don’t take the time to look at the quality.” She insists on concentrating not just on one aspect in her work. “We want to perfect both. The style and the quality.” She sticks firmly to her ideals – so consistently that you do not doubt for a second that she will succeed.20 21 22

“I want to live a life I will remember.”

She has created and established a label. She has designed collections that her customers love. She jets around the world, works with models and photographers and is constantly in her studio. And she hasn’t nearly had enough. Ruby Fang still has lots of plans for life. She wants to write a book and make films. She wants to tell people about her attitude and her courage. She wants to inspire others with her idea. And she will never stop following her path. Accepting herself as she is and showing exactly who she is
And certainly very soon in the new Panamera Sport Turismo.23

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