Welum Magazine’s Exclusive Interviews of Ruby Fang

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Welum magazine is a Danish publication that will launch a “FASHION PORTAL” website. It will be featuring fashion writers and style bloggers everywhere, covering all continents – Europe, North and South America, Asia, Australia, Middle East and Africa . Welum is committed to bring readers comprehensive fashion around the world.

In May 2015, Welum used “A love for fashion” to title the exclusive interviews of Ruby Fang, and Welum greatly praised the Ruby Fang’s works. Welum reported that Ruby Fang Show was “exciting and a great success” in New York, and “Ruby lights up the room as she talks about the fashion show.” According to Welum, Miss Ruby Fang’s next project to become a series brand to include: a ready to wear line for women, bags, shoes, cosmetics, and skin care. One of her major goals is to open a Ruby Fang boutique in New York on Fifth Avenue. Welum said, “with these words we leave the ambitious designer as she makes ready to work on the dress standing next to us.”

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